Rahul Gautam

Rahul Gautam

Born and raised in Rishikesh, India, Rahul Gautam has been drawing and painting as a hobby since childhood. Starting by drawing sketches of cars with his peers in the early impressionable years laid the foundation of his interest in art and this held through his school days with Rahul participating in competitions conducted in and out of school and winning several prizes.

While studying computer networking and then working as a network engineer in 2008 he couldn’t devote too much time to his interest in art but continued to make greeting cards and paintings as gifts for family and friends on festivals and birthdays.

In 2014, Rahul decided to take his hobby to the next level and started spending more time creating bigger sized paintings which he feels motivated him a lot to carry on.

Using vibrant colors and themes that convey positivity and happiness in life, Rahul is most attracted to creating abstract work with a message. Having touched on topics like war and humanity in school and college, Rahul has a strong belief that an artist is responsible for bringing awareness to society through his work.

During the past year in the U.A.E. the artist has developed a strong liking for Arabic culture and plans to carry that through to his upcoming work.

Professionally Rahul is currently associated with IT firm Alpha Data and works as a senior network engineer at the Etisalat offices in Ajman.