Rahat Qavi

Rahat Qavi

Rahat Qavi, born and raised in the picturesque valleys of the Karakoram Range, she drew initial inspiration from the virgin beauty of the land that surrounded her. From a very young age, Rahat demonstrated an uncanny ability to fuse colors that depicted natural hues simplistically. At 16, after being involved in a number of group exhibitions, her work was recognized for the first time when she was awarded the S.S.Haider Award.

The desire to hone her skills led Rahat to, initially, a Bachelors in Fine Arts (1998), and then eventually to a Masters in Fine Arts (1999) from the University of Peshawar. Her thesis work, Vanishing Sites of Old City, involved illustrative depictions, paintings and drawings of various architectural structures of historic significance. This work was done using a variety of mediums on different materials.

Her work involves a unique technique, painting with her bare hands and using rags to form bold strokes that add extreme depth to her work.
Since then, Rahat has exhibited her work in numerous group and solo exhibitions.