Punam Bijlani

Punam Bijlani

Dr. Punam Bijlani is a self-taught artist who has been guided by over two decades in the field of anatomy. A plastic surgeon by profession, she has surgically dissected in her career, listened to the stories behind scars, corrected numerous faces, faltered, improved and fallen in love with the creation of the life form- art in its truest sense.

“For what is the human being if not an emotional sculpture, which laughs, cries and smiles?” asks the artist.

The human form and human nature lies at the core of Punam’s professional life as a plastic surgeon. The knife she wields on her easel and the knife she wields in the operating room are akin in sensitivity, beauty, compassion and strength- the hand, eye and emotion in tranquil equilibrium. Punam attempts to operate as if she was painting and vice versa, using the same responsiveness to light and shadow and with the vision her patients hold surging through her.

Initially dabbling with charcoal and learning from the works of the great Masters like Vrundavan Solanki and Ajay De, Punam gradually forayed into acrylics, which is what the artist enjoys now. Her journey to the easel has been a leisurely one, not until her nest was empty, but what she lost in time she has attempted to make up with the wisdom and humanity that time fill the soul with. For the artist’s heart must be full of fervor only then can there be coherence between body and soul. “Harmonia suprema lex”: This is Dr. Punam Bijlani: mother, surgeon, artist… and here is her story.