Perihan Ahmed

Perihan Ahmed

Perihan Ahmed is an Egyptian artist based in Dubai, who has always believed the only place where she belongs is in front of an easel with a brush in her hand. Having started painting professionally just 3 years ago, Pery has managed to quickly carve a niche for herself and her work has gained popularity among art aficionados.

At the age of thirty, after obtaining a degree in Computer Science and making a career in social media, Pery decided to leave all of it behind and follow the call of her heart. She started her journey of self-discovery, first as a self-taught artist and then followed that up by attending various courses for different art styles. This led to the artist experimenting with all she has learned and absorbed as she wound her way to finding her own unique voice.

Pery’s first exhibition was held just a year after she started painting and her work is currently sold both in Cairo and Dubai.