Peace by Pieces


On a lazy, hot and humid afternoon in Dubai, two friends, Bharathi and Ruma, felt they needed to channelize their creativity into something beautiful which the world could see, something that would offer them tranquility and peace while creating. And that is how, in a eureka moment, Peace by Pieces came to life.

Bharathi and Ruma create contemporary pieces using the old art form of Mosaic. Starting off creating Mosaic art pieces as “gifts” for relatives and friends, they quickly went ahead with more complex pieces after garnering the appreciation of those gifted with their lovely creations.

Why the name Peace by Pieces? Art by itself brings a lot of happiness and peace to the creator and every mosaic tile, cut into parts to form a beautiful picture represents that peace. “Creating mosaics is like meditating, where creation becomes more spiritual and forms a sense of oneness with the art,” Say Bharthi and Ruma who are now on this wonderful journey of self-discovery while creating aesthetic Mosaic art.

Bharathi is an interior designer by profession and has worked on various office and home projects in India and Dubai. Ruma is a writer and pens articles on world economy and business; she also runs her own writing service which helps edit essays and SoPs for students aspiring to go abroad to study.

Peace by Pieces is a work-in-progress with both artists constantly on a mission to create mosaic art where every small piece goes on to complete the big picture.  You could say that it is like a jigsaw puzzle, except you are working with tiles, nippers, glue and cement!

Mosaic art can be created in two ways – the direct and the indirect method. In the direct method, the mosaic pieces used – “tesserae” are nipped and glued directly onto the selected picture and then grouted. The indirect method is used mainly for making murals and table tops where a very smooth surface is required. Pieces are fixed top side down on a removable base. This is then flipped onto the table top which is smeared with glue. Once dry, the temporary base material is removed and voila, the beautiful work of art is revealed!

Bharathi and Ruma work on each Peace by Pieces creation with great passion and have made this art form of mosaics an integral part of their lives since starting two years back and they hope that every piece which adorns a buyers home, brings them as much peace and joy as the artists creating it.