Minisha Bhardwaj

Minisha Bhardwaj

Creativity is Power to connect the seemingly unconnected” – William Plomer

The affable, discerning and a world record holder (largest collaborative watercolor painting), Minisha Bhardwaj from the Doon valley, has been on a solo quest of Art, rather successfully. An activist and blogger, Minisha, chose to astray into Art based purely on a calling of her heart. Being an emotionally revved person, she chose to emote through canvas, colors, and art.

Despite being self-taught, she excels in various media, like Charcoals, Inks, Watercolors and Photographs (as well). She writes poetry too. This depicts essentially a mind which is constantly on the churn and hungry to achieve and do more, creatively.

For Minisha, paintings bring to life an inherent quest to express her personal thoughts, views, and visions. She draws inspiration from both, the realities of life and the unreal surreal out there. She focuses on the natural sensibilities, portraying complexities of human emotions and expressions. She specializes in the Charcoal domain, Watercolors, and Finger painting. There is an occasional masterpiece of “mixed-media” of charcoal and ink.

Minisha has over 200 exhibitions to boast of, across international boundaries, like UAE, Italy, India, Budapest, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. She was selected amongst the top ten watercolorists in UAE. The Emerging Artists award was given to her on the International Women’s Day, another feather added to adorn her already decorated hat.

Minisha was a chosen artist at Liwa Residency Art Hub, where, she represented India. She has received the Critical Acclaim Award at Art Critique Symposium by Quddus Mirza. She tries to provide a purpose to her art by drawing Illustrations for Mr. Kuntal Joisher, which is primarily to raise awareness towards the Lewy Body Dementia (LBD). She made paintings for Korvi Rakshand to support child education through the Jaago Project. An illustration done by her is officially being used by the Jaago foundation of Bangladesh. She was also awarded with a letter of appreciation from Dubai Care, a government NGO.

Minisha, has been appreciated and interviewed on several media platforms such as Dubai radio, Dubai Royal Television, The Khaleej Times of Dubai and The Zee TV. The latest achievement was that of prestigious international Clyde & Co., people’s choice award.

Minisha, keeps herself further engaged by conducting art talks and workshops at various institutions sharing the importance, beauty, and secrets of art. She shares her love for art with the differently-abled students and to instill and encourage artistic abilities in them. She stays actively engaged with organizations that reach out to underprivileged communities thereby giving purpose and inspiration to her art.

Minisha loves yoga, hiking, capturing the lens-moments, writing philosophical poetry or just a casual chat with close buddies.

“I am seeking for comfort!

Not the one you get in raises and praises!!

But the one that a child feels when she reunites with her lost mother..” – Minisha