Mina Dasani

Mina Dasani

For Mina Dasani, creating art is both an action and a meditation. It’s where the body and mind come together to experiment with paints, colors, shapes and textures.

Albeit, often an undetermined path, she is drawn to art’s potential to create infinite possibilities and connections.

It may be inspiring, surprising, meditative and sometimes even disappointing, but always encouraging and leading her to discover answers to the question ‘what else is possible?’

Mina hails from Mumbai, India, where after finishing her undergrad studies in Applied Arts from Sophia Polytechnic, she applied her design skills to an entrepreneurial enterprise called Koko that designed, manufactured and supplied textile-related children’s products as well as women’s fashion to retail shops and exporters.

In 1996, Mina closed the business to move to Dubai with her family.

Here, she had many opportunities to paint and further explore the journey experimenting with different mediums and participating in numerous group exhibitions.

Over the years, her portfolio of work includes acrylics, watercolors, sumi-e, oil, silk painting, mosaic and mixed media. Her various experiments led her to use copper with acrylics to create unique artworks.

Currently, Mina is exploring fluid acrylics as she continues her journey to see ‘what else is possible’