Maysoon Mohamed

Perfect Imperfection

Maysoon Mohamed is a 22 year old Emirati artist. Since childhood, Maysoon has always been passionate about art. She always admired and was fascinated by colors and the way art pieces are formed. From being a hobby, Maysoon’s art has evolved and she has put in a lot of time and effort to develop her style and paintings.

As a self-taught artist, Maysoon feels art has over the years transformed and changed for the better. She constantly learns new techniques which help in making a simple art piece into something much greater. The genre which is the closest to her heart is abstract art. The artist loves experimenting with colors and shapes and has been attracted to forms since a very young age, leaning towards art pieces which seemed out of the box.

Maysoon was never confident about her art pieces until the day she realized that there are no rules in art, with no right or wrong. “Art is all about expressing your feelings and thoughts on a paper, canvas or any other base,” says Maysoon. Today, after years of constantly neglecting the idea of exposing her art pieces, she has found the courage to share her work with the world. “Even though not everyone might understand my work yet, I am proud of the effort and love I put in each and every art piece,” concludes this emerging artist.