Marike Korting

Marike Korting
Marike Korting is a Dubai-based artist and designer. With a Bachelors degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Design Technology, the artist feels she began her journey through a world of colors and creativity long before her formal education, which led her constructively through the chaos of early experimentation to being trained to harness her potential.
Having a traveled a great distance through the world of art, Marike feels her extensive experience has been the route to  careful planning and conceptualization with each piece she creates aesthetically “incubating” and coming to life.
In recent years, Marike has had the privilege to travel extensively and this is translated in her work. She uses vibrant colors and strong detail to portray the settings and cultures that have become her inspiration.
“Art and design are my passion and I hope to turn some blank spaces into something inspirational,” says Marike.