Kavita Sriram

Kavita Sriram

Kavita Sriram is an Indian Artist based in Dubai. Kavita holds a Masters Degree in Public Relations and has been pursuing art for a few years now. What started out as a hobby for her eventually stirred up her creative juices unfolding her into painting many canvases and becoming a budding artist. Having traveled the World very widely, she has always had a passion and keen interest in various art forms and likes to dabble in different mediums such as Acrylics, Oils, Charcoal, Watercolor & Mixed Media.

Kavita’s paintings and art help her to emote her inner thoughts and express her feelings while at the same time rejuvenating and relaxing her.

The artist has exhibited in several exhibitions such as Against the Tides 2017 at Cartoon Art Gallery, Arte Exhibition at Times Square 2017, Ripe Market -The Lakes 2017, Fashion for All 2016 at The Fridge, Live Painting at Kaynouna, Tribeca Dubai 2017, Colors of Spring Art Exhibition at Art Hub Gallery Dubai 2018. Kavita has also been featured as an Upcoming Artist with Gulf News and Against the Tide Exhibition – Cartoon Art Gallery and her Painting “J’adore – Cherry Blossoms” was featured in the Emirates Home Magazine in Jan 2018.

According to Kavita art has no borders, it is very diverse and multicultural. “In short, life itself is a canvas, so let’s paint it colorful.” She says.