Cecilia Flaten

Cecilia Flaten

Cecilia Flaten is the painter of ‘The Magic Lights’. Her artworks are inspired by the Norwegian and Patagonian landscapes. Flaten has been working with oils for 20 years and finds them to be a medium that provides her with stability and the desired pattern of expression by allowing her to represent properly the legends, myths and dreams that nestle in her mind and blood.

The last 12 years have seen Flaten work with a mixed technique using oils and a pigment of Lapis Lazuli – the blue stone of Chile. Her work is a great meditation on natural elements, where the artist expertly blends the fluidity of the sky with the horizon. She captures the light and absorption inside landscapes thereby creating magical and poetic works.

Flaten’s oeuvre includes the thematic series Midnight Sun, Auroras Borealis, Norwegian Mythology, Arctic Voices, Polar Transits, Patagonia Boreal and Heritage among others.

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Cecilia Flaten
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