Beji Jaison

Beji Jaison

Beji Jaison is a pediatrician by profession and a poet in every other sense. She breathes poetry, writing poems and fiction short stories in Hindi and English. She sees painting as another medium for her poetry. Where words don’t come to aid, she chooses colours. As a child she would experiment with water colours, oil paints and sketching.

In the busy life that she leads now, it was the iPad in her hand bag that fulfilled the need of a canvas. It has been five years she has been creating digital drawings, avidly ‘painting’ with her fingers, pursuing her passion between time slots and appointments.

More than any technique, Beji’s paintings are driven by an intense desire to translate her emotions. It was in this endeavour that she went on to publish her work, “Soul Graffiti- A Book of Painted Poetry”. It is a treat to eyes and soul to go through it where the beauty of her words accompany her creative drawings.

Born in the Indian state of Rajasthan into an ordinary middle class family hailing from Kerala, South India, her perceptions and sensitivities retain the effect of her upbringing and also reveal impressions of varying cultures, religions, languages and experiences. Always on the move, Beji has never settled in any place for very long as the desire to experience new places and meet people seems to tug at her soul.

The love and special bond Beji shares with children is what drove her to become a pediatrician. Currently she lives with her husband Jaison, son Joel and daughter Catherine in the western state of Gujarat, India.

Beji says, “Life is about passionately and creatively expressing yourself’.”