Avanthi Dileka Lelwala

Avanthi Dileka Lelwala

Avanthi Dileka Lelwala was born in Sri Lanka. Growing up and residing in her home country till 2008, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and did her post graduate studies in Human Resources Management. Previously working in the banking sector, after moving to and living in the U.A.E. Avanthi decided to dedicate her time to the family and two children.

Participating in many art activities in both school and university, Avanthi also studied art as one of the subjects for GCE O Levels. She feels it is an inborn talent and has a strong passion within her for this creative field. Getting lost for hours on end in the process of painting and drawing, Avanthi thoroughly enjoys every moment of it. Whenever she gets a moment of leisure, she experiments with colors in all mediums, be it acrylics, oils or a pencil.

“I love drawing. I love painting and enjoy experimenting,” says the artist. Seeing a final, completed work of art gives Avanthi immense pleasure.  Painting mostly from imagination, without any references, she has found nature to be the main subject of her work. She feels this may be because she is one with nature and finds it inspires her mind and soul to create and be creative.