Aquila Abdel

Aquila was born in January 1979 in Egypt. She spent her childhood and young adult years in her country of birth, attending the German school and attained a BA in Fine Arts from the American University of Cairo.

Working as a Purchasing Manager from 2003 to 2008 in Delta Aromatic International, Aquila later decided to open her own business: “Jelly Beads” in one of Egypt’s Malls at the end of 2011. Always looking for ways to create a positive impact, the artist launched her charity website “Fa3el Kheir” in 2013. 

Aquila moved to Dubai in 2015 and feels that was when she finally had the opportunity to start pursuing and enjoying her talent in art. “Art runs through my veins,” says the artist of her chosen field of work. She loves vibrant  colors, applying them in her paintings to give a happy vibe and uplifting feeling to anyone who sees her art.