Alice Bulmer

Alice Bulmer

Alice has always enjoyed drawing and painting for as long as she can remember and continued this through her education in the UK. Completing a BA in History of Art and Design in Manchester, she loved to learn about the origins of art and become more aware of the critical analysis of imagery. During this time Alice continued to draw and paint in her spare time.

However, it was never something Alice found a career in until she decided years later to train as an Art Teacher. Her speciality will always be in fine art painting and drawing but training and working alongside people with various different backgrounds and areas of expertise allowed Alice to develop skills in many different media and gave her the freedom to experiment and begin to really understand herself as an artist. Since becoming a mother of two children, Alice has left teaching and continues to practice her art in her home studio.

With an education looking back at the history of art and artists themselves, Alice began to understand just how much they were all influenced by their culture and the people around them at the time. As many artists before her, Alice is hugely influenced by family, friends and peers; as well as what she sees in magazines, Pinterest and Instagram. Given this, the artist changes her subject matter from portraits and figures, to flowers and insects depending on what inspires her.

Working in acrylics, watercolors, pencil, pastels and most recently collage or paper cutting, Alice enjoys producing work with accurate realism as well as more simplified design or illustration oriented pieces. The aesthetic quality and therapeutic effects of producing the work is what matters most to her, so she often goes from working in 2-dimensional fine art to creating a decorative clay or paper wall hanging or adding embroidery to pieces as she goes along. For Alice, the enjoyment is in the process as much as the finished piece.